Setting goals in a really weird year

When it comes to our kids, we often forget how much responsibility they really can take on. I mean…we’re their parents, so that’s not surprising. I can remember, quite clearly, when my daughter couldn’t even roll onto her side from her back. She started out needing so much of my help, and it just became a habit to help instead of getting her to do it.

But we need to get them to do it – whatever ‘it’ is.

There’s that saying…people either rise or fall to meet the expectations you set for them. And our kids are no different. At work, we often have project deadlines and objectives to meet. And at home, it’s not uncommon to plan out time for cleaning or cooking or family day trips.

But have you ever tried goal setting with your kids? You might be surprised at how well it works.

Now, at the beginning of the school year, is a great time to set goals around grades in various subjects, or personal bests in any lessons or extra-curricular tasks your child is involved in, or even around setting healthy sleep or study habits. Why start now? Because it’ll get them comfortable with using this system when they’re older for all kinds of activities, including effective job searching and career planning.

First, start SMART with setting goals:

S – specific (what exactly do they want to achieve?)

M – measurable (how will they know they’ve achieved it?)

A – actionable (specific steps to reach the goal)

R – relevant (why is this goal important to them?)

T – time-based (set a deadline)

Goal-setting is a major part of career planning. Everyone needs a bit of direction on doing this effectively, especially teens and young adults who typically have way less experience with working toward goals than older grown-ups do.

This link shows some great examples of how this can work for the teens or young adults in your home.

Need some more help with clarifying career goals, either for you or your child? Check out the services page for options and pricing!

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