Hello! My name is Devon and I’m a career development professional who specializes in Gen Z. I help youth and their families get the resources and information they need to make good career decisions. If you’re a parent or guardian who is struggling with supporting your child in their career and education planning, start here.

Career stuff is hard. There’s a lot of pressure to get it right, starting from a very young age. Here’s the secret: almost no one gets it right the first time.

The average high school student today is three times more likely to change careers than the Boomers were. Estimates are that as much as 40% of the Canadian workforce will be contingent by 2025 (meaning they’ll be entrepreneurs, freelancers or part-time workers). And we don’t yet know the long-term effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the economy.

In the midst of all of this, everybody still talks about career planning as “choosing what you want to do with your life,” like you’re supposed to know everything that’s going to happen in the next 50-ish years.

If you’re struggling with what to do after high school or you’re not sure at all what you want to be when you grow up, you’re in really good company. Even better, careerified can help you figure out those next steps in your career and education journey.

It’s time to change the career conversation.

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