Pathway agreements to lower anxiety

Super common misconception: if you go to *gasp* community college, you will never, never, never do anything else.

Many parents today were raised with the idea that university is the ideal pathway. While it has its merits, it doesn’t mean other pathways offer nothing. Moreover, thinking the old way places unnecessary limits on your kids.

Good news: because of Canada’s declining birth rate, more post-secondary institutions have been forced to get creative about attracting new business.

One version of this comes in the form of pathway agreements and transfer credits. Institutions typically honour previous post-secondary experience. Some give an applicant’s admission average a boost to recognize greater effort. Some exempt students from certain courses within the program of study. Quite a few provide both options. Now, with the added stress of the COVID-19 pandemic, many high school students feel unprepared to dive into fully online learning in their first post-secondary attempt. While that is a smart approach, it might also lead to a lot of boredom. Not to mention leaving a hole in space where something productive could be.

Transfer credits have been on the rise in recent years and are a great way to boost your skill set, earn multiple credentials and be even more employable when you’re finished. So, how can youth today use pathway agreements to their career advantage?

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