The Career Creator Program


Finding a job is easy.
Finding a job that fits you is a lot harder.
And planning out your career in a post-pandemic world is even harder.

Ready for a career that will allow you to make difference in the world
while paying you a salary that really values your skills and experience?

Welcome to The Career Creator Program, career guidance and coaching for job seekers who want their work to be more than just a paycheque.

What’s included:

Tools to help you explore careers and make informed decisions
Steps for strategic job search to maximize your time
Tips on effective networking that gets you in front of the right people
Hiring-manager-tested strategies for crafting resumes and cover letters that get read
Resources to nail that job interview
Strategies to negotiate a job offer that fits you

How does it work?

One-on-one strategy session
Tools and resources are available online, 24/7 at your convenience
Biweekly online group meetings on Thursdays at 7 pm (Eastern time)


Resume review and feedback
Mock interview to prepare for the real thing

Timing and Price

The estimated is that finding a new job will take 1 month for every $10K you want to earn.
That means you should expect a 6-month job search for a job with a salary of $60K.

Choose your own adventure! Opt in for 3 months or 6 months super-charge your career transition kick your job search into high gear! Stay tuned for enrollment updates coming in January 2022!

Still not sure? Book a 30-minute Connection Call and get all your questions answered!