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Gen Z is undoubtedly entering the weirdest career territory ever known. Full-time jobs with benefits and pensions are in short supply. Remote work opportunities pop up everywhere. The lines between work and personal life blur thanks to technology. Throw in a far-reaching global pandemic in 2020, and it suddenly looks like career planning is an uphill battle. Fortunately, you don’t have to face it alone.

Available services are below. All prices include applicable taxes and fees.

Career Coaching – $115

Sometimes all you need is an hour to talk things out. Do you have no career ideas, or maybe too many ? Listening to a best friend who is obsessed with talking about their perfect life plan? Got a failed attempt at post-secondary education under your belt? It’s gonna be OK. This is 60 minutes of your life to bounce some ideas off a professional and get some helpful support and resources to help you on your way to career greatness.

Kindness First Career Planning – $330 per person

Not sure you have the funds for one-on-one coaching? This group coaching program is for you. The goals of this program are to help you narrow down your career options, use quality resources to explore careers of interest in more detail and find the best fit for education and training. Most of all, you’ll connect with others just like you who get how you feel. The program includes 6 hours of group coaching, a copy of the Transitions workbook and lifetime access to careerified’s online community.

Next intake: November 2020

Education Planner Pack – $500

This package is great for current high school students looking for some direction, and will also be a huge benefit to someone who’s recently left school (secondary or post-secondary) and is unsure of the next step. What’s included? Four hours of one-on-one coaching and a comprehensive recommendations report delivered within two weeks of the last session.

  • Step 1 – identify skills, interests and potential career options
  • Step 2 – check out the labour market and related education and training options
  • Step 3 – make a plan for further exploration

“I was so confused when this all started and I feel so much better now. We covered a lot more than I thought we would!”

– High school student

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