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Is it really best to pick academic-level courses for Grade 9? Are you stuck if you didn’t choose the “right” pre-requisites in Grade 11 or 12? In Ontario’s current education system, it seems like all your career goals have to be defined by the time you graduate from Grade 8. All prices include HST.

Your Kid’s Wacky Career Idea – $125 HOLIDAY SALE – $100!

So, your child has come to you with the idea that they’re going to be a rock star, or a super athlete, or the next [insert favourite actor here].  Or perhaps they’re looking at careers you don’t think are viable or that particularly match what you see as their strengths.  Let’s take an hour, talk about it, and sort out fact from fiction.  No kids allowed.

Education Planner Pack – $400

Let’s take some time to assess strengths, grades and interests, explore potential careers and sort through the various education pathway options available to the student. This package includes three coaching sessions (1 hour each) and a full comprehensive report delivered within two weeks of the last session.

Not sure about coaching? Check out our courses section for more options.

Careers and education with a side of common sense.

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