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Need a resumé, a job search strategy, a career change, or maybe just an objective ear on your career direction? You’re in the right place. All prices include HST.

Career Coaching – $125 HOLIDAY SALE – $100!

Sometimes, you just need to take 60 minutes to hash out that career conundrum in your head right now. Is it time to leave your job? Are you feeling a bit lost after getting fired? Have a wild idea for your own business? Let’s chat.

Resumé Review – $80

The one thing all career development professionals agree on is this: have someone read through your application before you send it to an employer. This package does not include any coaching, just a marked-up resumé with suggestions for improvement. Bonus: a cover letter review is included for FREE!*

Resumé and Cover Letter Revamp – $250

Learn how to craft a resumé and cover letter to go after that dream job you want! This package includes two hours of coaching so you can learn the secrets of great cover letters and resumés, and then a proofread of your documents before you submit them.

Interview Prep – $200

You know that question you seriously dread, and never know how to answer?  Yeah, that one.  Let’s sort that out before a real employer asks it, shall we?  Price includes 90 minutes of interview coaching and guided practice.

Not sure which package is the best fit for you? Schedule a 15-minute inquiry, and we’ll work together to figure out the best next step.

*Cover letter and resume must be sent together for both to be included in the $80 fee. Clients will be charged for an additional $80 for cover letter review if sent at a separate time.

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