Unless you were a tech teacher at some point, chances are that university is the post-secondary path you know best. Many educators worry about effectively supporting college-, apprenticeship- or workplace-bound students. And let’s not get started on the parents who insist their children should be in academic level courses and heading for university, no matter what. All prices include HST and payment plans are available.

Career Consultation – $125

Do you need to talk out a student’s career or education situation? Not sure how to manage parent expectations? This 60-minute block of time should provide some clarity.

Courses and Training

Ultimate Guide to Post-secondary Options – $48 – coming soon

Visit the courses and workshops page for more information, and to be notified when the course goes live.

Have your say! Take this 5-minute survey to help shape courses to best fit your needs.

Career Club

High school clubs aren’t just for the students! Find out more.

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