Postsecondary Study Group

Post-secondary Study Group helps Canadian students in Grades 11 and 12 (and their families!) plan for post-secondary studies and careers.

Does it seem like the high schoolers in your life are struggling with what to do once high school ends?

Maybe that’s not a surprise.

Most students get very little exposure to careers, education and career planning until college and university applications open.

And then it’s a race to be ready before the deadlines pass.


This might sound familiar:

You’re stressing over your kids getting the prerequisites they need for the programs they want

You worry that there is no individualized support for your kids’ career and education planning

You feel you lack knowledge about jobs and career options available today and in the future

You’re not sure how to find quality information about careers, schools, admissions and scholarships


On top of this, pandemic school closures mean that many kids haven’t written an exam in years, and their sense of accountability is missing because assignment deadlines have been flexible. So you’re also worrying about how they will fare on their own in a postsecondary environment in just a few short months.

You don’t want to be the dreaded “helicopter parent,” but you also don’t want your kid to miss important deadlines and prerequisites.


Postsecondary Study Group just might be for you!


It’s a 6-week family program where you’ll get both group and individual support on the most pressing stuff facing you and your high school kids:

A simple way to bust through the pressure and anxiety of choosing a career path

Sources of quality, objective career information to support good career decisions

Postsecondary pathways and how they work together

Applications, admissions and the services that will make your academic journey easier

Tips and techniques for managing unexpected curveballs and failures in your career



Weekly group meetings on Zoom (recorded, in case you can’t attend!)

Worksheets and activities to complete on your own time

Weekly 30-minute individualized coaching sessions


Registration is now closed for this pilot program running for 6 weeks in fall 2022.
Keep an eye out for the next cohort, launching in January 2023!


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