Kindness First Career Planning

Why is it called Kindness First?

Because we are really, really good at beating ourselves up.

The Grade 12 student who doesn’t know what they want to do when it seems like everyone else has concrete plans goes right to, “what’s wrong with me? Everyone else has it figured out, why don’t I?”

The former post-secondary student who left a program that wasn’t working, or who got an academic suspension goes right to, “I’m such a failure and I’ve screwed my life up forever.”

I’m not a therapist, and we’re not going to get super touchy-feely about this, but part of the goal of this program is to give you the tools you need to change your thinking about your abilities and your future. The other part is to help you make evidence-based and thoughtful decisions about your career and your education, and to equip you with tools you can use anytime you decide to make a career change.

High School or Post-secondary?

You will either enroll in the high school stream or the post-secondary stream. What’s the difference?

High school is the right one for you if you are currently enrolled in high school, if you have graduated but not enrolled in a post-secondary program, or if you are in a gap year.

Post-secondary is the right one for you if you are currently enrolled in college, university, apprenticeship or any other post-secondary program. It’s also the right pick if you have withdrawn from post-secondary studies, either by choice or through an academic suspension.

Coaching Sessions

Here’s the stuff we’ll tackle in our weekly online group sessions:

  • General career exploration – we’ll take several different approaches to define some careers of interest for each participant
  • Career research – getting past basic job descriptions and learning the basics of effective networking
  • Education research – picking the pathway and the program to get you started on your best foot
  • Success in your post-secondary program

Online Community

Between coaching sessions, you’ll have work to do. But you can keep the conversation going in careerified’s online community. There, you will be able to leave questions for me, chat with each other, and access other tools and articles to help you in career planning and job searching. The membership fee is included in your registration for this program, and you will have lifetime access.


The Kindness First Workbook is a downloadable PDF that contains all the worksheets you will need. This includes summaries, your job journal, templates and samples you can use throughout the exploration process.


Ready to start? Register here.

If you’re not sure group coaching is right for you, you can also check out the Education Planner Pack or just book a 1-hour session for individual coaching. Or, schedule a 15-minute inquiry to find out more.

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