Career Club

The vision here at careerified is to change the career conversation; to help demystify career exploration for our kids and adolescents and take some of the stress out of finding the “perfect” career path. You are on the front lines with our kids every day, which means you have regular opportunities to help with easing those worries.

Not sure you’re up to it? Welcome to Career Club.

A traditional career club brings together job seekers so they can get tips from a career professional on job search strategies, resumés , cover letters and interviews. They also have the benefit of paying less than they would for one-to-one coaching and the ability to commiserate over support each other in their career transitions.

This one is a twist on the original. Intended for guidance staff and classroom teachers of all kinds, your membership in Career Club includes the following:

  • Monthly online meetings with a career development professional that cover:
    • No-nonsense tips on career and education planning
    • Facilitated discussions around student career challenges
    • Support for working with parents in denial
  • Access to meeting recordings (in case you can’t make it)
  • Monthly meeting notes
  • Discounts on one-on-one consultations for teachers and guidance counsellors
  • Discounts to pass onto your students for career and education coaching

Price: $10 per month.

Why so little? Because the end goal is to help students feel less overwhelmed by career and education choices and to give you real tools to help them do that.

Join today!

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